Mental Toughness PhD
Mental Toughness University
Helps Companies Increase Sales and Move Market Share
by Creating A No Excuses-High Performance Culture
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Mental Toughness University is a comprehensive mental training process that moves sales and management teams from good to great. Mental Toughness trains people how to control their thoughts, feelings, and attitudes, before, during, and after a performance. Especially under pressure.
What Are The Benefits of Mental Toughness Training?
Most MTU corporate clients are sales and management teams that report dramatic increases in sales. Management teams benefit by learning how to coach the mental toughness process and implement it immediately into their daily coaching with their sales team. Managers often adopt new criteria for hiring salespeople after completing the course. Employee retention rates are also affected due to the personal benefits gained during the training. MTU delivers both professional and personal results. Since most research shows that an employee’s job is not the most important aspect of his or her life, the ongoing personal benefits of this program tend to raise the switching cost of an employee moving to another company. Companies often experience enhanced customer service from the participants as a result of their new level of focus on the customer.
Mental Toughness University is Not a Traditional Training Program.
MTU is a Process, Not a Program.
It’s about training people how to THINK like world-class performers, and how to control and manipulate their own emotions for MAXIMUM performance. MTU is a cross between emotional intelligence training and critical thinking. It’s an introspective process that causes people to examine their thoughts, feelings, attitudes, and beliefs and how those directly impact their results. We call the process, ‘Facilitated Introspection’. The 6-hour program is an awakening to expose participants to the process and show them there’s a higher level of emotional competence and mental performance than they are experiencing. MTU facilitates this emotional transformation over the next 12 months during the teleconference follow up program. Each participant is assigned 20 minutes of homework each week and held accountable for submitting it. Both the 6-hour seminar and the follow–up teleconferences are highly interactive. Most people that go through the process have never been exposed to this level of personal introspection. They may be familiar with some of the content, but the real growth and change comes from them getting to know themselves. Most participants are shocked and surprised to learn how little they know about themselves. The Mental Toughness University Process has the power to bring out the best in any performer who will engage his or her mind in the process.
How is MTU delivered?
MTU begins with a live 6-hour seminar delivered on site or at your next conference. This is an introductory program, which takes the group through an awakening experience to the processes that helps a performer become Mentally Tough. This program is followed by our 12-month follow up process, which is conducted once a week via teleconference. After the 12-months of follow up training, the coach program is delivered and the management team takes over the process. The Mental Toughening process goes on permanently as an ongoing training program designed to deliver short and long term bottom line results.
Instead of another Flavor of the Month . . .
MTU is a one-time investment that creates ongoing results.
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